The Insulet Corporation


Insulet, the company behind Omnipod, has a colorful history, but the leadership team today is new and they clearly make an insulin pump which is popular with many.  


The medical device space is unfortunately rife with bad actors and it appears Omnipod employed a few. 

Unreported deaths?

In the past, one organization  published serious allegations regarding Omnipod and its former leaders.

Maude abuse?

Related to an above story, but providing more details, they were alleged to have abused MAUDE reporting requirements.

More of the same?

Insulet’s new CEO – Dr.  Hollingshead was formerly the President at ResMed, which had issues with illegal kickbacks. 


Omnipod 5 has arrived and the tubeless pump is all over social media

We’ve got the FDA MAUDE event data for the Omnipod 5 and its looking really good with no obvious signs that Insulet rushed this pump.   

Learn. More Omnipod 5 Data

Patient Reported Problems 

Friendly reminder that this is high-level data and without context it can create a false impression.  If this information is important to you, please inspect it further below. 

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Omnipod DASH

Current data for the Omnipod DASH. Please inspect the data yourself for greater context.

Thoughts and comments about Omnipod

Omnipod has provided millions of diabetics an improved quality of life, but I have some reservations

Which insulin pump is better engineered?

As a chemical and biomedical engineer, I was interested in better understanding which insulin pump manufacturer took, in my opinion, a safer approach to their insulin pump design.  

Newly diagnosed?

I share my thoughts on the top next steps parents of a recently diagnosed t1d child should consider. 

newest Omnipod 5 Safety Information

A short video where I discuss the most up to date safety information as reported to the FDA for the Omnipod 5 insulin pump.  This data reflects information reported to the FDA from 1/1/23 through 6/30/23.

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