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Insulin Pump Class

The first insulin pump class that we were required to attend and hosted by Seattle Children’s Hospital was both educational and a tidge concerning. At the end of the day, not all insulin pumps are equal. 


Insulin Pumps:
Which is More Accurate

As a chemical and biomedical engineer, I try to find studies as another source of information for me to consider when making decisions about my family’s health care. Here is a great study about insulin pumps which highlights why Tandem is the better choice for patients needing a small basal rate. 

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Insulet Corporation


A deeper inspection of Omnipod’s company and their safety record 

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Keeping up with the relevant insulin pump news

For Medtronic, the hits keep coming.  It now seems their MiniMed insulin pumps are vulnerable to hacks.  Based upon the continuous stream of negative news for the medical device company, maybe its time to look at the leadership team being a problem.
It’s not a great look when an organization appears flat footed in terms of its reponse the recent FDA warning letter.  I’m surprised they weren’t better prepared to respond, especially since they likely knew this was coming. Better: should have issued recall sooner.
It appears that Medtronic continues to run afoul with the FDA.  They received this FDA warning letter in Jan. 2022.  Medtronic was late issuing a recall on the MiniMed insulin pump after the FDA had received more than 57,000 medical device reports (MAUDE) over the previous three years.