Medtronic, the manufacturer of the MiniMed insulin pump, is a large international medical device corporation with reach into many different sub-specialties. 


The medical device space is unfortunately rife with bad actors and it appears Medtronic employed a few. 

Culture of Bending Rules?

If you Google the term, “Medtronic controversies” you’ll find more than just this below.

MiniMed Recalls and death(s)

The MiniMed insulin pump has been mired in recalls and claims of causing death.  The MAUDE data aligns. 

Risk of Hack?

More than one MiniMed version has either been recalled or an advisory has been communicated around hacking risk. 


MiniMed is a widely used insulin pump and we have the  data

We’ve got the FDA MAUDE event data for the MiniMed and we suggest you look at the details for yourself.  

Learn. More MiniMed Data

Patient Reported Problems 

Friendly reminder that this is high-level data and without context it can create a false impression.  If this information is important to you, please inspect it further below. 

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Medtronic MiniMed

FDA MAUDE reported events by MiniMed model. Please inspect the data yourself for greater context.

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Medtronic MiniMed Latest News

There have been reports of the charging cable for the new Omnipod […]