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t:slim X2

Tandem Diabetes Care Inc. is the company responsible for the creation and manufacturing of the t:slim X2 insulin pump. The company is fully focused on manufacturing medical devices for diabetes care management.  

If you Google “Tandem Diabetes Care Lawsuits” or “Tandem Diabetes Ethical Issues” you won’t find many or any results at all.  I find this refreshing; especially as compared to Medtronic and even Insulet.   

Class Action lawsuit

Tandem has been hit with a class action lawsuit around a ‘phising incident’ which exposed patient information. 

New Executive Team

While this might not be indicative of anything, their leadership team is relatively new and again – not necessarily a bad thing. 


Tandem t:slim X2 is a widely favored insulin pump and we have the data

We’ve got the FDA MAUDE event data for the t:slim X2 and we suggest you look at the details for yourself.  

Learn. More Tandem Data

Patient Reported Problems 

Friendly reminder that this is high-level data and without context it can create a false impression.  If this information is important to you, please inspect it further below. 

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Tandem t:slim X2

FDA MAUDE top 10 reported product problems. Please inspect the data yourself for greater context.

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